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A concerned resident from Heide Court in Vereeniging called our Inspectorate for assistance with a cat that was stuck in the engine of a car. The resident informed us that the cat was crying non-stop and they tried everything to get the trapped cat out.

Our Inspectors did not hesitate to respond to the call for help. 

Upon their arrival they discovered that this rescue was a bit trickier than what they anticipated. Cadet Inspector Eloise Carelsen was not equipped to do this rescue on her own. The assistance of a dear friend of the SPCA, Mr Jannie Pienaar from Merc-Tec, was called in. Without hesitation, and within a flash, did Mr Pienaar arrive – to our rescue and that of the cat we now called Jinx.   

Mr Pienaar safely removed the front wheel of the car and opened up the engine in order for Cadet Inspector Eloise Carelsen to safely remove Jinx. This did not come without a struggle. Jinx was stuck. And if we say he was stuck, then we mean it. It took a lot of maneuvering and removing parts of the car to safely get him out. Finally, Jinx was safe! Thank you Mr Pienaar for always being willing to help the SPCA and animals in need.

Jinx was taken back to the SPCA kennels for safekeeping. Sadly Jinx's owners never came forward to look for him. Fortunately for Jinx, we were able to find him a good forever home. Jinx is now licing the royal life. A happy ending :-)

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